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Cast Steel Globe Valve (TEJI)

ReflowX SQU: 708

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    Teji Valve Group Co., Ltd
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    4-6 Weeks
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The cast steel globe valve, designed in accordance with BS 1873 standards, is engineered for applications requiring frequent opening and closing operations, as well as precise flow control across various degrees. Recognized for its distinctive globe-shaped body, the BS 1873 cast steel globe valve excels as a manual valve in industries where fluid flow and pressure regulation are critical.


  • Design Standard: Conforms to BS 1873
  • Application: Ideal for controlling flow and pressure in fluid systems
  • Flow Regulation: Offers efficient fluid regulation with minimal erosion wear on seats and plugs


  • Material: Cast Steel
  • Operation: Manual
  • Size Range: Various sizes available to meet application needs
  • End Connections: Typically flanged for easy installation

The BS 1873 cast steel globe valve combines robust construction with precise engineering to deliver reliable performance in demanding industrial environments. Designed for efficient flow control and durability, it is an essential component for applications requiring dependable fluid handling solutions.

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