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Dbb Plug Valve (NSW)

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PRODUCT RANGE: Sizes: NPS 2 to NPS 42 Pressure Range: Class 150 to Class 600 Flange Connection: RF, FF, RTJ MATERIALS: Casting: (A216 WCB, A351 CF3, CF8, CF3M, CF8M, A995 4A, 5A, A352 LCB, LCC, LC2) Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy,UB6 STANDARD Design & manufacture API 6D, API 599 Face-to-face ASME B16.10 End Connection ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, MSS SP-44 (NPS 22 Only) Test & inspection API 6D, API 598 Fire safe design API 6FA Also available per NACE MR-0175, NACE MR-0103 Other PMI, UT, RT, PT, MT Fugitive emissions Complies to ISO 15848-1 Design Features: 1.Body structure The valve body of our DBB Plug Valve includes valve body, valve core, valve disc (embedded in main sealing ring), end cover, chassis, packing and other main components. The valve core and disc are the core of the valve body part. The valve core is fixed in the valve body with the upper and lower trunnions, the flow channel opening is in the middle, and the two sides are wedge-shaped surfaces. The wedge face mill has dovetail guide rails that are attached to two discs on both sides. The disc is the main sealing element and has a cylindrical surface. Accuracy of Class B hard seal can be achieved. The cylindrical surface is milled with a groove circle, and the main sealing ring is permanently embedded with fluorine rubber or nitrile rubber, etc. by molding and vulcanization, which plays the role of hard sealing and soft sealing when the valve is closed. 2.Manipulator structure The manipulator is mainly composed of signs, hand wheel, spindle bushings, ball pins, brackets and other components, which are fixed on the end cover and connected with the spool rod by connecting pins. The manipulator part is the actuator of the action. Close the valve from the open position, turn the hand wheel clockwise, the valve core rotates 90° first, and drives the valve disc to rotate to the valve body flow channel position. Then the valve core moves down in a straight line, driving the valve disc to expand radially and approach the inner wall of the valve until the soft seal is pressed into the groove, so that the surface of the valve disc is in contact with the inner wall of the valve. 3. Close the process. Open the valve from the closed position, turn the handwheel counterclockwise, the valve core first moves straight up, and then rotates 90° after reaching a certain position, so that the valve is in a conducting state. 4. DBB or DIB Function The DBB Plug Valve (double block and bleed plug valve) also named GENERAL VALVE, Twin Seal plug valve. this constant wear by using two seating slips mounted independently on a tapered plug by dovetails, which mechanically retract from the seating surface prior to rotating. This provides a bubble-tight verifiable dual seal without seal abrasion.

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