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ZHII type flame arrester (BZSV)

ReflowX SQU: 571

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    Beijing Zhonghanghua Safety Valve Sales CO. Ltd
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    4-6 Weeks
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ZHII type flame arrester is an anti-explosion flame arrester. It is installed on the pipe break and the top of the live storage tank in the pipe near the pipe end. It can prevent the flame from propagating and spreading at subsonic speed. Specifications and performance: ● Size: 2”~12” ● Operating pressure is not higher than 1.0Mpa ● Inlet and outlet flanges are in accordance with ANSI B16.5 150LB RF (special circumstances can be based on customer requirements) Features: ● Suitable for storing Class A oil products with a flash point lower than 28°C and Class B oil products with a flash point lower than 60°C, such as gasoline, toluene, kerosene, crude oil, etc. vertical storage tanks; ● Can be used with corresponding specifications When used in conjunction with the breathing valve ● The fire component should not be higher than 1.0Mpa

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