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Affiliate Program

Join the ReflowX affiliate program and earn commissions by referring sellers to our platform. When you refer someone with your code who lists and sells items on ReflowX, you'll earn a percentage of the sale. It's a great way to earn extra income while helping us grow our marketplace and promote sustainability in the energy sector.

  • Register on ReflowX

    Step 1 - Register on ReflowX:

    Sign up for an account on the ReflowX platform by visiting our website and completing the registration process.

  • Generate Unique Code

    Step 2 - Generate Unique Code:

    After successfully creating an account, navigate to the affiliate section within your account dashboard. Here, you'll find an option to generate your unique referral code. Click on the "Generate Code" button to create your personalized code.

  • Distribute Code Suppliers

    Step 3 - Distribute Code to Suppliers and OEMs:

    Share your unique referral code with potential suppliers and OEMS within your network. This code serves as a special identifier linked to your account, allowing us to track referrals back to you accurately.

  • Request Code Submission

    Step 4 - Request Code Submission:

    Encourage suppliers and OEMs to use your unique referral code when listing their equipment on the ReflowX platform. They can input the code during the listing process to ensure proper attribution to your account.

  • Receive Commission

    Step 5 - Receive Commission Upon Successful Transaction:

    Once the listed equipment is sold successfully through ReflowX and the transaction is complete, you will be eligible to receive a commission. The commission amount will be a percentage of the total sale value and will be credited to your account accordingly.

For further information please contact us on or read the affiliate contract terms.