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HTKH series quick switching device (BZSV)

ReflowX SQU: 557

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    Beijing Zhonghanghua Safety Valve Sales CO. Ltd
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    4-6 Weeks
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Specifications and performance: ● Specifications: 1"~12" ● Pressure level: 150 Lb~600 Lb ● Temperature: ~+427°C Features: ● Y-shaped three-way flow path design, two identical safety valves are installed at one station, one of which is used for online overpressure protection, and the other is used as a maintenance backup. ● The reversing system is safe, simple and fast to operate. The switch can be completed within 1 minute. ● Quick switching reduces personnel exposure time in harmful environments. ● Quick switching does not require device shutdown, providing continuous overpressure protection and avoiding expensive losses caused by emergency shutdown maintenance. ● Distinctive red handle correctly indicates the position of the in-line safety valve (and rupture disc). ● A discharge valve is installed below each safety valve (and bursting disc) to safely and effectively discharge the medium in front of the safety valve to be disassembled and introduce it into the discharge pipe. ● The quick switching device is equipped with a balance valve, so the rotation torque is small and the operation is easy. ● Wide applicable temperature range (low temperature to high temperature). ● The valve seat of the reversing valve can float, which helps to maintain the required sealing after multiple operations. ● The flow resistance is small, ensuring that the pipeline pressure drop before the safety valve inlet is less than 3% of the set pressure, complying with the requirements of API RP520 Part II.

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