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Cracking gas valve and decoke valve (BZSV)

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    Beijing Zhonghanghua Safety Valve Sales CO. Ltd
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The cracking gas valve and coke removal valve are one of the key equipments of the ethylene cracking unit. They are named after the purpose and function of the valve. The cracking valve is installed at the outlet of the ethylene cracking furnace. Generally, there are two in each furnace, one for cutting and cracking. gas main pipeline, and the other is used to cut off the coke clearing pipeline. The cracking gas valves and decoking valves supplied by our company are available in two forms: metal hard seals and non-metal soft seals. The former includes parallel double gate valves and wedge double gate valves; the latter is flat plate gate valve. The maximum diameter is 48”, and the maximum operating temperature is 550°C. Product Range: ● Design and manufacturing: ANSI B16.34 ● Flange: ANSI B16.5 150Lb 300Lb ● Testing and inspection: DIN 3230 Part 3 ● Structure length: ANSI B16.10 Features: ●The whole adopts welded structure; ● The sealing surfaces of the valve plate and valve seat are overlayed with hard alloy, which has high strength anti-corrosion and wear resistance and long service life; ● The movement of the valve plate is completely controlled by two directional plates ● When the valve is fully open and fully closed, the valve seat sealing surface is fully protected; ● All internal parts of the valve are removable and can be disassembled from the top and bottom of the valve; ● There are steam cleaning ports on the top and bottom of the valve body. ●Double channel, equivalent to a straight-through pipeline in the fully open position, solid particles will not enter the valve body when passing through the valve ●Mode of action: handwheel, bevel gear, electric, manual

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