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HTCL series lined safety valve (BZSV)

ReflowX SQU: 559

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    Beijing Zhonghanghua Safety Valve Sales CO. Ltd
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    4-6 Weeks
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Application scope: ● Specifications: 1″~ 6″ ● Temperature: -29℃~+180℃ ●Applicable pressure level: 150 lb ~300 lb ● Maximum set pressure: 1.96MPa Features: ● The valve adopts flange connection, which is simple and convenient to disassemble and assemble. ● It uses fluoroplastics and carbon steel to avoid using a large amount of Hastelloy alloy, etc., and has outstanding cost advantages. ● It can withstand the corrosion of various strong acids, strong alkali and strong oxidants, and is suitable for working conditions with strong corrosive media. ● Different lining materials can be selected according to different media, with a wide range of applications. ● The valve disc and valve seat adopt a soft sealing structure with good sealing performance to avoid pollution and waste caused by the leakage of highly corrosive media. ● The bellows in lined safety valves can eliminate the impact of back pressure on valve performance and can also protect springs and other internal parts from corrosion by the medium.

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