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HTXD series pilot operated safety valve pop-up type (BZSV)

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    Beijing Zhonghanghua Safety Valve Sales CO. Ltd
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    4-6 Weeks
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Product working principle: When the system is operating normally, the system pressure is transmitted to the dome air chamber at the top of the main valve disc through the inlet pressure pipe, pilot valve and air chamber pressure pipe, thus generating a downward net force on the main valve disc, causing the main valve to is closed. When the system pressure reaches the set pressure, the pilot valve opens and closes the pilot valve inlet channel. The pressure in the main valve air chamber is discharged and relieved through the pilot valve. The pressure drops sharply. The main valve disc is fully opened and the fluid is discharged through the main valve. pressure. When the system pressure drops to a certain value, the pilot valve returns to its seat, allowing the fluid to re-enter the dome air chamber of the main valve and close the main valve. Specifications and performance ● Specifications: 1" D 2"~8" T 10" ● Pressure level: 150 lb~2500 lb ● Temperature: -29℃ ~ +260℃ ● Set pressure deviation: ≤±3% ● Overpressure: ≤ 10% ● Opening and closing pressure difference: ≤10% ● Sealing performance: good sealing can be maintained after taking off and returning to seat, in line with the regulations of API Std527 standard. Features: ● Allow the working pressure to be close to the set pressure of the safety valve ● The soft seal of the valve seat ensures good sealing before and after the safety valve takes off. ● The operating performance and opening height of the safety valve are not affected by back pressure ● Small overpressure can quickly make the main valve reach the full opening state ● The non-flow structural design of the pilot valve reduces the emission of harmful media and avoids environmental pollution. ● The opening and closing pressure difference is adjustable ● The set pressure of the safety valve can be detected online

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