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HTDS type controlled safety pressure relief system (BZSV)

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    Beijing Zhonghanghua Safety Valve Sales CO. Ltd
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    4-6 Weeks
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The HTDS type controlled safety pressure relief system supplied by our company is a safety protection system developed by integrating 20 years of safety valve design and manufacturing experience in the aerospace technology application industry and advanced electrical control technology. Its design parameters are precise and its performance is stable, filling a gap in the market. It also meets the increasing production capacity, higher efficiency, and increasingly stringent requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction of steam systems in domestic nuclear power, thermal power, petrochemical and other industries. Successfully solved the problems of high prices of imported products, long supply cycles, difficulties in supplying spare parts, and untimely after-sales services. Purpose: ● Used in systems that have to withstand pressure fluctuations that cause the safety valve to trip frequently ● Used in systems with undetermined or changing high additional back pressure at the outlet of the safety valve ● Used in situations to reduce pollution ● When the discharge of the safety valve can be reduced Duration of noise generation ● Situations where expensive energy consuming media and efficiency losses need to be avoided Specifications and performance: ● Specifications: 12"~ 16" ● Set pressure: 0.60 ~ 0.90 MPa ● Working temperature: ≤345℃ (superheated steam) ● Displacement: 125 ~ 180 t/h ● Air source pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.8 MPa ● Power supply: 220 AC Features: ● Working pressure and set pressure are very close ● Set pressure deviation is small ● Seat seal without leakage before opening > save energy ● Allow high working pressure > Improve efficiency ● Precise opening and closing ● Allow low overpressure ● Small opening and closing pressure difference (high reseating pressure) ● Good sealing performance ● Reduce opening and closing time → reduce emissions ● Higher application rate → save costs ● Remotely operated forced discharge and reseating functions ● Control system redundant design ● Long working life

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